Relocating to Austin, Texas

Austin Texas has a booming real estate market, with a vast number of people relocating to the city each year. In fact, some reports show 150 people are moving to Austin on a given day. Austin is the capital city and hosts an array of cultural and economic opportunities. Currently, there is a huge tech start-up scene in the area. If you’re planning to look at new opportunities, the expert team at Stonebriar Mortgage is here to help you learn about relocating to Austin, TX and why it’s a great time to do so.

Researching the Various Neighborhoods of Austin, Texas

There’s a variety of neighborhoods and housing types to choose from in Austin. Each is suited to its own unique personality and lifestyle. Stonebriar Mortgage recommends you visit and spend some time around town before choosing a home. There are over 24 neighborhoods to choose from. We’ll describe just a few options to convey the range of community types.

If you head east of downtown, you’ll find a popular new development area with an eco-conscious community. Mueller has walkable paths, community gardens, local retailers, and very newly built efficient homes.

Heading to southwest Austin, you’ll find a more secluded living set-up with hike or bike trails and a golf course in Circle C Ranch. There’s an appealing array of local schools making it ideal for families. From gated mansions, to single-family homes, there’s a variety of housing for all types.

If you like a city scene, try out downtown Austin, where you’ll find luxury condos with garden or loft-style set-ups. There is a rich culture with arts and live music activities. You can also find a little escape from city life in the local lake and botanical gardens. If you like older style buildings, check out Clarksville’s renovated condos just outside of downtown. You can find an older early 1900s home, and the area is also bordered by the beautiful lake.

Abundant Opportunities in Austin, Texas

Austin has been rated frequently among the top cities for job growth. Though it is increasing, there is still a relatively low cost of living compared to income—making it a popular relocation destination for Californians. Many find the cost of local goods and services to be reasonable, as well. The projected growth of this city also makes it ripe with real estate investment opportunities.

An Inclusive, Eco-conscious Community in Austin, Texas

Austin is ranked the greenest city in Texas and hosts a transit and bike-oriented culture. American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy also ranked it the 6th most energy efficient in the U.S. Austin also boasts an inclusive community, and is number 5 most inclusive in the U.S. Many businesses market themselves as being welcoming to all, regardless of orientation or identity.

Stonebriar Mortgage is here to help people in the Texas and California markets find the greatest new neighborhoods to live in—contact our staff today!

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