Home Equity Loans – Dallas

Whether you live in Highland Park, Lakewood or Frisco, Stonebriar Mortgage can help you with many different home loans around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.We certainly understand homeowners have options, with one being to borrow against an allocation of the available equity in their homes if their remaining principal owed is only a fraction of its current value.

Rest assured, a specialty of ours at Stonebriar Mortgage are home equity loans! Not to be confused with home equity lines of credit, home equity loans are fixed rate mortgages and not lines of credit.

This type of funding is secured by a home and permits homeowners access to a piece of their available equity that typically comes as a single payout with a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly installments.

Prior to obtaining a home equity loan, a homeowner should:

  • Determine if a fixed-rate loan is suitable to their needs.
  • Decide the total amount of funding needed to be borrowed over a certain period of time.
  • Consider if they are fully capable of making payments in a timely fashion to preserve their credit rating and homeownership security.
Among the many benefits of a home equity loan is the payment stability it provides via its fixed interest rate. Homeowners can rest easier knowing their payments will remain the same, plus the interest they pay on these loans can possibly be tax deductible.The main criteria to qualify for a home equity loan is for a homeowner to have available equity in their property. The total a homeowner owes on their property needs to be less than its value.

Homeowners can certainly expect lenders to review their credit score, credit history, income, employment history and monthly debts in the same fashion they did during their original mortgage process.

Many lenders have similar home equity loan programs with similar components, however, some aspects will vary from lender to lender. That is why it is advised for homeowners to compare several crucial points as they review which lender is the best fit for their proper home equity loan needs.

Home equity loans are ideal for those with immediate expenses and wish to receive all of their funds up-front and would like to pay their loans back via fixed installments over a specified timeframe.

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