FHA Loans – Dallas

FHA loans are among Stonebriar Mortgage’s major areas of concentration. We have the ability to make the process of receiving an FHA loan for a residence in Dallas as simple as possible!

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development department (HUD) specifically has a branch known as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which was started in 1934. The FHA possesses an assortment of different loan programs that resonate with buyers of many different circumstances.

FHA loans are indeed insured by the FHA. This has made these loans become extremely beneficiary for ambitious borrowers in their attempts to get funding from lenders. The lenders themselves are covered by a mortgage insurance requirement, which protects them from potential losses should a borrower default on their mortgage. 

Credit requirements under FHA loans are somewhat more lenient than other loans. Another cause for this program’s popularity is its ability to confine down-payment expenses and closing costs for borrowers. 

It is advised that borrowers be alert for existing loan limits that apply to FHA loans. Loan limits depend on the property’s location, specifically by county. With Stonebriar Mortgage excelling in the Dallas area, the loan limits for Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, Kaufman County and Rockwall County are pertaining to our services.

Here are those counties’ loan limits:

County     Single     Duplex      Tri-plex   Four-plex 
Collin     $310,500 $397,500 $480,450 $597,100
Dallas     $310,500 $397,500 $480,450 $597,100
Denton     $310,500 $397,500 $480,450 $597,100
Kaufman     $310,500 $397,500 $480,450 $597,100
Rockwall $310,500 $397,500 $480,450 $597,100


Borrowers who are in the low-to-moderate income range can secure a condominium via the FHA condo loan. Assistance for those who are uprooted from their housing due to their apartments being converted to condominiums is also available in this program. 

Stonebriar Mortgage can gladly be a supreme resource in the process of acquiring any FHA loan. Call us today at (214) 669-3307.