Cash-Out Refinancing


Do you need extra cash flow to pay off major debts, repair your home, go to college, or make other upgrades to your house? At Stonebriar Mortgage, we help Dallas, Texas and California residents with various types of cash-out refinance options for their home. Cash-out refinance is used when people lend against the equity already […]

30 Year Fixed-Rate Mortgages


Are you in the process of buying a property and securing a mortgage? You need to make important financial decisions about how you choose to finance the building. You must think carefully and look at various terms, percentages, and payment plans. You can also choose between a fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) or an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). […]

Non-Owner Occupied Loans


When you live in the home that you pay a loan on, this is called an owner occupied Mortgage. Even if the property has up to four units, and you live in one, it is still considered as owner occupied.  If you have a second home that acts as a vacation home, this is also […]

What are Asset Depletion Mortgages?


Asset depletion refers to a method that lenders use to calculate a borrower’s monthly income. In this calculation, they will divide the assets by a set number of months. You do not have to cash in your assets; however, they are used to tell whether you will be able to make your monthly mortgage payments. […]

HARP 2.0


H.A.R.P stands for Home Affordable Refinance Program. Several years ago, the government extended the program, creating HARP 2.0. Intended to help struggling homeowners after the mortgage crisis, HARP can be used to refinance homes with declining values. Typically, the value has declined well below what is owed on the mortgage.  Borrowers can refinance into a […]

2- and 4-Unit Multifamily Loans


Buying a duplex or multifamily apartment complex can be a great way to generate steady income and build wealth through real estate. You can even live on-site while you build up savings and equity.  Financing two- and four-unit complexes can be like obtaining a mortgage on a single-family home. This week, Stonebriar Mortgage tells Dallas, […]

Second Home Loans


Whether its to vacation in a favorite spot, find somewhere cool to spend summer, or generate investment on another property—there are many reasons to get a second home. Before you decide whether to buy a second home, it is important to weigh your options carefully. You will need to consider if you can afford another […]

Fixing and Flipping Houses


If you learn to master the fix and flip real estate market, then you can increase your wealth and achieve great financial goals. Many investors use this approach and leverage the housing inventory of up and coming markets. This week, Stonebriar Mortgage helps Dallas, Texas and California homeowners with tricks and tips for fix and […]

Jumbo Loan Refinancing


In past topics, we covered jumbo loans, which are typically used to finance high value homes and larger than standard mortgages. Many people get approved for jumbo loans that have high rates in this somewhat riskier mortgage. If you have a jumbo loan, you may want to refinance and restructure as you pay it off. […]

Reverse Mortgages


A reverse mortgage is exactly how it sounds; it is a loan taken out of the equity in a home you already own. Many people use a reverse mortgage to pay off debt, make home repairs, or purchase a second property. Home equity loans are another name for a reverse mortgage. While these loans can […]